21 Jul 2020  •  Covid-19, Podcasts, Practice Management  •  2min read By  • Practice Plan

Reopening as a Practice Manager

Matt Hadman talks to Lisa Bainham about reopening and the new ways of working as a Practice Manager.

Lisa speaks about the benefits of having a plan for patients and practices throughout COVID-19 and the changes that have been implemented since the doors have reopened.

What you’ll hear today:
  • How does it feel to be back in practice
  • What does a day in practice currently look like
  • What are the challenges for the dental profession going forward
  • What to think about when introducing a plan.
Who should listen:
  • All dental professionals.

*Recorded on 15th July 2020

About Lisa:

Lisa began her career as a Dental Nurse in 1993 and, after qualifying, joined Steve Lomas in 1998 who was setting up a new practice in Crewe.

She had aspirations to follow a managerial role and this provided her with the perfect opportunity. 18 years on she is now President of ADAM.

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