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Attract and Retain Patients


Attracting and retaining patients is an ongoing challenge for many dental practices. It's a job that's never 'done' and one that requires creativity, planning and a dedicated team focus.

We've worked with many dental practices to identify best practice and develop a range of support services that will help you implement effective recruitment and retention strategies. Take a look below and see what sparks your interest...

Key Services
The Business of Dentistry Magazine

Attracting and retaining patients is always a key focus to our article content in The Business of Dentistry Magazine. Register today to make sure you get your copy...

Workshop Tour 18 - Double button

We're bringing back the fantastic Joy Marsden! We'll deliver a fun team-bonding day giving you the skills to ensure your patients pay to come back again and again.

Patient Surveys

This handy tool can help you understand why your patients stay with you and how you can improve the service you offer them.

Patient reactivation service

Conquer the mission of bringing back your lapsed patients to boost your appointment book.

Workshop Tour

Head over to Bodcast to listen to useful tips and advice on attracting and retaining patients.

Patient plan success

Looking for the best way to communicate the benefits of your membership plan to your patients? White House Dental has the secret.