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HRPlus - comprehensive HR support at your fingertips

HRPlus is a simple solution to ensuring your HR and health and safety policies and procedures comply with the law and your practice is safeguarded from employment issues with the advice of experts.

We've partnered with the UK's leading provider of employment law and health and safety services, Peninsula, to design a service that lets you choose the level of support you want, but what most clients find invaluable is the expert advice line.

All 100 of Peninsula's advisors are experienced in managing and dealing with HR and employment law issues, so you know you're getting the right guidance first time. Plus, they're there all day, every day - so you can, quite literally, ask them anything at any time!

What's more, each service comes with set-up to your own web-based management tool, hronline, where you can record and store all employee details, absences, holidays and much more - helping to manage your team more effectively.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Comply with the law and gain total peace of mind with support from the experts
  • Avoid costly legal action
  • Be better organised - by setting working standards
  • Remain in control - by taking the correct course of action
  • Remove hassle and stress on the manager and access personalised documentation from one place
  • Manage absences easily
  • Access templated documents - saving you time
  • Receive documentation updates to keep you up-to-date.

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You choose a service based on your level of need.

The core service starts with set-up and access to hronline and the delivery of a full suite of tailored documentation. You can then ‘plus’ additional support by choosing the option to suit your specific needs.

HRPlus - option one
HRPlus - option two
HRPlus - option three

About hronline

Accessed through a web portal, hronline helps you organise and manage your team more effectively by recording all your employee details, absences and holidays in one easy to locate place.

The system helps you spot any absence trends and even record advice given and actions taken, so there is an audit trail of activity.

You'll find having everything in one place, along with access to template documentation, saves you time and reduces hassle.

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