21 Oct 2020  •  Covid-19, Podcasts, Practice Management  •  2min read By  • Practice Plan

Diary zoning benefits and implementation

Matt Hadman, Business Support Manager at Practice Plan talks through the benefits of diary zoning.

With guidelines disrupting the usual ways of working Matt shares his insights into how this works in practice and the key areas of focus to introduce this to the team and patients.

What you’ll hear:
  • What diaries can be ‘zoned’
  • What are the key benefits
  • How to bring the team on board
  • Who needs to lead to ensure successful diary zoning
  • How long will it take to implement
  • Where to start when introducing this to the practice.
Who should listen:
  • Practice owners and managers.
About Matt:

Matt has worked in Dentistry since 2016, initially as a practice manager for a successful, independent multi-surgery dental practice and has now worked for Practice Plan for 2 years – supporting practices not just to grow and develop their private revenue stream but with all the wider aspects of the business.

Matt has worked in wider healthcare settings since 2008, and has worked closely with the CQC since their establishment in 2009.

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