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Are you looking for new ways to increase practice profits post-lockdown? Find out all about introducing facial aesthetics into your practice in this short webinar with Harry Singh.

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Event Information

Join Harry Singh, Chief Executive Officer for Botulinum Toxin Club, for this short webinar where he will discuss why now is the perfect time to introduce facial aesthetics to the dental practice and how to do it!

Harry will explore how facial aesthetics can increase practice profits, especially post-COVID-19, as it’s a non-aerosol-generating procedure.


Why you should attend

  • Learn how to introduce facial aesthetics into the dental practice which could result in increased profits
  • Understand how to approach conversations with patients about facial aesthetic treatments
  • Discover how to get the whole team on board to promote facial aesthetics in the dental practice
  • Gain Development Outcomes A & B and 45 minutes CPD.

About the speaker

Dr. Harry Singh has been carrying out facial aesthetics since 2002 and has treated over 4,000 cases.

He has published numerous articles on the clinical and non-clinical aspects of facial aesthetics and spoken at dental and facial aesthetics conferences on these topics.


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Live Webinar Wednesday 23rd September 2020 | 7:00 pm - 7:45 pm Book Now
Live Webinar Friday 25th September 2020 | 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm Book Now