Watch this recording of a live webinar where Johanna Hooper, Director of Limitless Peak Performance, discusses building resilience and mental toughness to help you THRIVE. This is an on-demand video and has a duration of approximately 35 minutes.

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Stress has the power to undermine performance, it’s a fact! It can break down functional relationships, destroy communication channels, reduce effective decision-making, lower productivity and just at a time, probably, when people need to be at their best.

In this recording of a live webinar, Johanna Hooper, Director of Limitless Peak Performance, discussed resilience, mental toughness and diagnosing stress so that you get the right mitigating response.

Johanna also introduced a number of simple yet powerful, practical techniques you can undertake to help you build your own resilience and thrive.

As part of the webinar, Johanna also held a Q&A session for attendees to ask any questions they had.

*This is an exclusive recording for Practice Plan clients and is not CPD verifiable. The live webinar took place on 29th April 2021*.

About the speaker

Johanna Hooper is a Director of Limitless Peak Performance. Johanna’s coaching centres on the psychology of performance using “inner Game” philosophy to help clients achieve peak performance by focussing on their mindset.

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