Join Mark Topley, Business Consultant and Coach, as he shares his knowledge and advice on team engagement to help you add value to your team and your business. This is an on-demand video and has a duration of approximately five minutes.

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Having a team behind you that strives to achieve your goals is an asset to any dental practice.

Join Mark Topley, Business Consultant and Coach, as he introduces you to the four steps of team engagement to help you create a team that acts like owners!

Mark shares his advice to help you equip and empower your team and enable you to provide a consistent and planned approach to team engagement.

Watch the recording and see if you can implement any of Mark’s advice into the engagement of your team!

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Mark Topley helps people to run responsible businesses, coaching them through the frustration and challenges that come from putting an effective corporate social responsibility plan into practice. He works alongside dental practices and other businesses to help them create clarity, structure and momentum.

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