Making the move from NHS to private dentistry is a BIG decision and one that needs careful consideration. Watch our programme of on-demand webinars and discover the important facts and information you need to help you understand and evaluate your options out of the NHS.

All webinars were part of a virtual show held on Friday 2nd July 2021 with FMC.

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What Next for NHS Dentistry? | 50 minutes

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Watch Nigel Jones, Eddie Crouch and Simon Thackeray in this thought-provoking and hard-hitting session, where they discuss the challenges and talking points that matter in NHS dentistry today.

Nigel, Eddie and Simon address key issues including:

  • The NHS landscape across the UK and how the COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for change within the industry
  • The current NHS UDA dental targets, the impact this has had on practices and predictions for what will happen after 1st October 2021
  • How dental teams have responded to and dealt with the current state-of-play of working within the constraints of an NHS contract
  • What the future holds for NHS dentistry including timescales and nature of a potential contract reform.

Nigel Jones

Nigel Jones is the Sales and Marketing Director at Practice Plan and has been working in the dental sector for over 30 years. He has a special interest in the development and future of NHS dentistry in the UK.

His knowledge and passion for dentistry has led him to become a trusted voice, offering invaluable advice on how to strategically and successfully run a practice and be named in the Dentistry Top 50 of influential people within the profession.

Eddie Crouch

Eddie Crouch has been Chair of the British Dental Association Principal Executive Committee since September 2020. Before that, he served as deputy chair between 2014 and 2020 and past Chair of Central Counties Branch of the British Dental Association.

He works in two practices in Birmingham and is Vice Chair of the Birmingham Local Dental Committee.

Simon Thackeray

Simon has been a GDP since qualifying in 1991, initially in the NHS, and since 2005 in his award-winning private practice in Nottinghamshire.

Simon sits on the GDPC committee of the BDA and is also a past BDA branch president for South Yorkshire.

Why There's Never Been a Better Time to Make the Move from NHS to Private Dentistry | 40 minutes

Unlock Your Potential: You Can Make a Move Towards Independence | 40 minutes

How to Successfully Transition from NHS to Private Dentistry (step-by-step!) | 40 minutes

How to Replace Your NHS Pension and Income When Going Private | 45 minutes

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