Decided to move away from the NHS?…You’ve taken your first step by being here!

The next step is just as simple. Book a no-obligation, virtual video call with one of our regional support managers and a Wesleyan Financial Services consultant, to talk through and understand your personal situation better and learn how we can help and support you on your conversion journey.

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Is a video call right for me?

If you’ve decided that a full or partial move away from the NHS is the right thing for you…then a natural next-step would be to speak to Practice Plan.

You’ll have an open and relaxed video call to assess your personal situation and give you an understanding of what a potential change might look like. If we think the move represents too great a risk for you based on your own specific circumstances, we won’t hesitate in advising you against it. If it opens up possibilities, but you need time to mull everything over, then that’s fine too!

Who will I be meeting?

You’ll meet one of our regional support managers (RSMs), who are all experts when it comes to helping you make a seamless and successful conversion from NHS to private dentistry. Since 1996, we’ve supported hundreds of dentists to analyse their situation and evaluate if a move away from the NHS is the right thing to do, so they have a huge amount of experience and knowledge in their back pockets. You’ll find their support invaluable, forward-thinking and honest throughout the whole process.

Practice Plan are proud to be part of the Wesleyan Group – so you’ll also have the opportunity to chat to your local Wesleyan Financial Services consultant. They specialise in financial planning exclusively within the dental profession, so come with the expertise and experience to answer any questions you have around your NHS pension scheme and the different options available to you.

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We understand that you’re busy and the options below might not suit you. If you’re unable to make one of the below time slots, please get in touch by emailing and we can arrange a time that works for you. 

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