Exclusive event for Practice Plan and Medenta members

Join Ashley Latter, one of the dental industry’s leading trainers and consultants, for this unmissable event, where he’ll provide you with the strategies, approaches and skills to not only improve your own performance, but your team members’ performance as well!

Event information

Wouldn’t it be great if every team member did exactly what they were supposed to do, in exactly the right way? Even better, what if every team member went the extra mile for the practice every day? Well, some dental practices can achieve this happy state, but it takes a great deal of focus and some great people skills to make it happen.

During these afternoon events, Ashley will share his proven strategies and techniques to help practice managers and leaders, within your dental practice, to improve their self-confidence, enhance relationships with colleagues and develop great leadership skills.

Plus, you won’t leave empty handed!
All attendees will receive a FREE signed copy of Ashley’s new book “The Dental Practice Jugglers ‘The Ultimate Practice Manager’s Guide”!

Learning outcomes:

  • Discover how to increase engagement and boost your team’s performance levels
  • Become an outstanding listener and build rapport with your colleagues
  • Learn a seven-step approach to delegating and getting your team to take on additional challenges
  • Master key leadership skills that encourage the whole team to think in the same way
  • Develop a unique three-step approach on how to provide constructive feedback to your team
  • Gain three hours of verifiable CPD
  • Achieve Development Outcomes A, B and D.

About the speaker

Ashley is passionate about helping dental practices fulfil their full potential and reach their business goals, having delivered over 29,000 hours of business coaching to the dental industry all over the world in a unique, fun and positive way. He is excellent at helping dentists and their teams connect better with their patients, so that they can finally deliver the dentistry that they love to do and, most importantly, their patients want.