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Event Information

Join Amber Ojak, Dental Therapist and Ambassador of the British Society of Dental Hygienists and Therapists (BSDHT), for this short webinar where she explores the different ways to utilise the dental hygienist and therapist for non-aerosol-generating procedures.

Amber discusses how different treatments can be delivered safely and how to use hand instrumentation for periodontal disease and up to date charting. She also introduces the EME™ (Educate, Motivate and Encourage) approach to oral hygiene, and the importance of promoting oral hygiene to patients, so they take responsibility of their own dental health between appointments.

Learning Outcomes

Why you should attend:

  • Identify the benefits of having the dental hygienist and therapist in the dental practice post-COVID-19
  • Learn the scope of the dental hygienist and therapist without using an aerosol-generating procedure
  • Understand how the EME™ (Educate, Motivate, Encourage) approach can be implemented into practice
  • Discover how to implement a new system for screening periodontal patients using a dental hygienist or therapist.

About the Speaker

Amber is a practising Dental Therapist in Edinburgh and is an ambassador and council member of the British Society of Dental Hygienists and Therapists (BSDHT). She also writes for numerous dental publications and bases all articles on her own experience and aims to give a voice to the young generation of dentistry.

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