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SmileVision – waiting room TV

SmileVision for patient education and informative promotions

The modern obsession with looking at media screens – computers, TVs, Kindles, iPads – are you unlocking the potential in your waiting room with a personalised TV channel?

SmileVision is a personalised waiting room TV channel giving you a fantastic opportunity to influence your captive audience who are receptive to messages about oral care and the dental aesthetics your practice can offer without you having to sell to them.

The unique channel is fully personalised to the practice, automatically and regularly updated ensuring it remains current and fresh, and includes integrated digital marketing tools, such as personalised videos and leaflets, which you can seamlessly send to your patients via email.

SmileVision is proving popular for dental practices as not only can it help to fulfil CQC requirements but also typically boosts treatment and product uptake by 40-50%, ensuring that SmileVision is a very cost-effective way to maximise the spend of existing patients.

What's more, for our members we've managed to seal a great SmileVision package which you can buy at a discounted rate!

Key Features and Benefits
  • Grow your practice revenue
    On average, research has shown that SmileVision will increase the sales of cosmetic treatments between 40-50%.
  • Engage and educate your patients
    Research by SmileVision has shown that 9 out of 10 patients watch waiting room screens - enabling you to keep them entertained and informed about oral hygiene.
  • Low-cost, high impact marketing
    SmileVision is a fuss-free, easy to use, plug in and play system. All you need is a TV screen, power socket and an internet connection (Wi-Fi or wired).
  • Personalised and unique
    Not only is the system automatically and regularly updated, you also have a wealth of integrated videos and leaflets enabling you to proactively follow up patient enquiries.
  • Regulation support
    Use integrated marketing tools such as videos and leaflets as part of a full treatment planning and aftercare advice to support your CQC evidence and requirements.

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So, how exactly does it work?
Based on a huge amount of research, SmileVision have developed a unique programme mix of treamtment/education, advertisements and entertainment (unrelated to dentistry).

Each video is short, silent and targeted, with every complete ‘loop’ lasts around 15 minutes – the average waiting period! A loop incorporates five minutes each of quality adverts promoting branded products available from your reception, excerpts from the latest films (all 'U' rated) and treatments available at your practice.

Watch the short video or visit, www.smilevision.co.uk or call 0207 993 3888 for a short demonstration.

Our waiting room television has prompted many more patient enquiries, resulting in higher treatment uptake; we have noticed an increase in treatments of white fillings, crowns and whitening treatments and requests about implant treatment.”

Dr Hendrick, Chester