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Advantages of Patient Finance

Advantages of Patient Finance - increase and improve

Offering Patient Finance in your practice opens the door to a whole host of advantages for you and your patients. Here we name a few…

Advantages for you:

  • Increase treatment uptake - paying for treatment in affordable monthly installments makes it easier for patients to agree to the treatment they want, or need.
  • Improves cash flow - unlock your cash flow by getting paid right at the start of the treatment, significantly reducing your exposure to bad debt.
  • Increase your range of treatments - introduce services you may not have been able to before, helping to increase turnover from your current patient base and attract new patients.
  • Secures immediate business - by removing the up-front payment for the full cost of treatment, patients can quickly move forward with the treatment they want.

 Advantages for your patients:

  • Makes treatment instantly affordable - by spreading the cost, patients can have the treatment they want, when they want it, on a repayment plan to suit them.
  • Greater choice of treatments - treatments are made more affordable so the patient can access a wider range of options, choosing the one perfect for them.
  • Payment terms to suit them - with a range of credit and payment options available, your patient can choose the one best suited to their circumstances.
  • No up-front deposit option - with this option, patients can avoid dipping into their savings or having to find a lump sum to start their treatment.