The UK's leading provider of practice-branded
patient membership plans


The UK's leading provider of practice-branded patient membership plans

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Converting from NHS to private practice

Considering a move to private practice? Sheila Scott examines the key areas to think about for a successful transition.

changing employment terms and conditions

Peninsula Business Services discuss the best way to approach changing your employment terms and conditions.

Raving fans

Discover the secrets of how all successful businesses have one common central focus - their customers.


Listen to tips and business advice from industry experts when you’re ‘on the go', with the business of dentistry podcast!

Workshop Tour 2016

Join Les Jones and Simon Tucker for our Workshop Tour and discover what a 10% increase in income could mean for your practice.

Ever thought about taking a look at your practice from a different perspective? It could lead to you implementing some new ideas, helping to improve efficiency, business and profits! Take a look at our 'Things that make you go hmmm...' video for some inspiration.

Patient referrals

Make the most of word of mouth advertising with our simple, specially-designed referral cards and attract new patients to your practice. 

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