The benefits of having a plan in place

Patient benefits

Health benefits
Membership plans came into existence because of the preventive message that they carry. Generally, plan members have healthier mouths than their pay-as-you-go equivalent as they attend the practice more regularly, any issues are spotted earlier and treatment is swifter.

Budgeting for their oral dental care
Offering a membership plan supports your patients to budget for their dental care with the guarantee they'll see the dentist they know and trust.

Access to 24/7, 365 days care
When a patient joins a dental plan administered by Practice Plan, they are eligible to request assistance from the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme, backing up your preventive message that you are helping to look after your patients even when you are closed.

Practice benefits

Increasing your patient loyalty
A membership plan needs to be based on you, not us. We believe that your patients are yours and we stay in the background, which means that everything is based on your own brand enabling your patients to commit their loyalty to you and your practice.

Build a regular income
A loyal dental plan base means a regular monthly income from your plan patients, reducing some of the financial pressure of running a business.

Reduces the risk of failure to attend
When you introduce a plan, you are enabling your patients to spread the cost of their dental care, supporting them to budget for their routine dental care, meaning less white space in the diary for you and the ability to run a more efficient and productive practice.

Why Practice Plan?

Allowing a dental plan provider to administer your membership plan takes away the administration hassle. At Practice Plan, we believe in building a membership plan based on your brand, and in giving you a range of 'added value' support services that are focused on your long-term profit and sustainability, not short-term savings. Sound appealing? Let’s get together for a chat.

It’s the people in Practice Plan that I buy into. Whatever that magic sauce that works for you guys, keep it, because it’s keeping a lot of people very happy.

Ross Gunn | Practice Principal | Gunn Dental Care

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