A helping hand on the critical areas affecting you the most

As a nation, we are, once again, facing some challenging times. At Practice Plan, we know that developing the resilience and gaining the know-how needed to navigate these waters cannot be done alone.

This is why we’ve created YouHub… a comprehensive resource centre designed to give you a sense of calm, peace of mind and take positive action in the key areas affecting you the most right now: wellbeing, cost of living, business finances, and recruitment and retention.

We’ve collaborated with many experts to bring this information to you, even our friends at Wesleyan are supporting some of the finance information. So, why not grab a cuppa, take 5, and have a look around. And why not share what you find with others – after all, working together is how our community will thrive.

Supporting good wellbeing

Our wellbeing section offers you great tips on how to feel more calm and reduce stress, take steps on looking after your own wellbeing and guidance on how to best support those around you.

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Specialist and expert guidance

Focussing specifically on running a dental practice, this section is filled with expert advice and practical information on how to effectively manage your business finances in the current economic climate.

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Advice on beating rising costs

The steep rise in the cost of living is causing concern for us all. This section is designed to give you easy-to-action hints and tips on how to reduce costs and maximise the money you have, plus guidance on how to best manage your personal finances and what support is available.

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Find, keep and motivate your team

Here, you’ll find expert know-how and tried-and-tested methods on how to navigate the obstacles you may be facing in finding and keeping the right people in your practice. From tips on where to find the right people to advice on how to create an outstanding working environment for your dental family, it’s all here!

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