Anyone can introduce a dental membership plan into their practice…however ensuring that it is a successful plan is down to you and the team.

To grow the number of patients on your practice branded membership plan you need a structured approach that doesn’t wane.

Once your plan has been in place for a while, it can be easy to lose focus on it. Because it’s familiar to you, you can fall into a trap of thinking that its familiar to your patients. The key is making sure that your plan stays in the forefront of your team’s mind and that they continue to build awareness with all your patients – at every opportunity.

Below are some tips and advice on how to effectively do just that …

Give your plan numbers a boost with these five tips

During lockdown, those practices with a robust membership plan really felt the benefit of having such financial security in ways they probably never had before.

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Grow your patient membership plan

All the key things you need to consider in order to grow your patient membership plan. The processes you should have in place and the difference involving the full practice team makes.

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Do you have a structured plan approach?

To grow the number of patients on your dental payment plan, you need a structured approach. Find out how…

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Five simple steps to implement a successful plan membership

The value of a dental membership to a dental practice has become more and more apparent during the COVID-19 crisis due to its ability to support practices through financial hardship.

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The benefits of having a plan provider

The benefits to your business and your patients of providing a dental plan in your practice. Also, the additional support that a plan provider can offer with regards to legislation and helping you to grow your business.

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Do you have Standard Membership Protocols?

We’ve all heard about SOPs, especially in the run-up to reopening practices after lockdown. But have you stopped to consider SMPs?

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I grew my patient numbers by 60%

Lesley Morgan-Barlow, practice manager at Synergy Dental & Implant Centre, discusses the impact of having a practice-branded membership plan.

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How to make your plan a success

Dannick shares his advice on making your dental membership plan a success, based upon his own experience as Principal Dentist at Spondon Dental Practice.

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How to effectively promote your plan

Practical tips and advice from one of our own Regional Support Managers on how you can increase the number of patients that join your dental membership plan.

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How a plan forms the basis of your business

Nigel Jones explains how dental membership plans are the best way of packaging preventative care for patients. Building stronger relationships with patients through increased rapport and trust, leading to increased loyalty.

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Why a well-populated patient plan could make your practice stronger and more crisis resistant

Advice on why patient plan could support your practice through a crisis.

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Promoting your membership plan in practice

Ashley covers all the important things you need to think about when promoting your plan. The importance of ensuring your whole team is clear why you have a plan, its advantages and how it fits into your vision for the practice as a whole.

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