10 May 2021  •  Blog, Practice Management  •  3min read By  • Gary Nelson

A TEN:TEN or maybe a Boosted TEN:TEN

Time has become an incredibly precious commodity since practices have reopened.

It has been an arduous period where, for many business owners, appraisals, one to ones, job chats and staff assessments (or whatever you want to call them in your practice) have largely been put on the back burner.

Communication is one of the keys to success and making time to talk to your team has always been critical to that success. It is not just something you must do to satisfy the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority, it is good for checking the pulse of the business and the feelings of the practice. So if time is a currency right now, why not try a TEN:TEN.


A TEN:TEN is a tight time constraint catch-up where the leader talks for ten minutes and the team member talks for ten minutes.

Start with a stopwatch until you all get into the swing of it.

You can start with one or two of these a week and perhaps you could order in some drinks from the local coffee shop to help support a local business.

The TEN:TEN approach can initially be very chilled and can be a catch-up about how life is for you both.

Things are very tough right now, so just being empathetic and giving a listening ear can go a long way in the world.

As the TEN:TEN develops, it can become more business and clinically driven; however, like all new things, you have got to start somewhere.

Ok, so that is a TEN:TEN

What is a Boosted TEN:TEN?

Why not ask the team member to come to the TEN:TEN with a local charity suggestion.

Sticking with the theme of ten, why not donate £10 to that local charity from the business account at the end of the chat.

So at the end of the chat, you will have benefitted by having a good old catch-up while also feeling better having helped a local charity.

As will your team member, as they will know that they have indirectly helped a good cause.

You may have a local charity you already support as a practice or you may find a new one to assist via this method.

Either way, make it a Boosted TEN:TEN.

‘No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted’ ~ Aesop. A quote I have always loved.

It is stating the obvious that it is a tough time for many people right now and helping others by giving makes the world a better place.

Due to the current situation we find ourselves in, we can’t have our own regular business catch-ups, so our own TEN:TEN could be the next best thing.

I have started my own different kind of Boosted TEN:TEN – to give £10 a week donation to ten different charities over ten weeks.

The Children’s Hospice was my first, with nine more to follow so any suggestions would be very welcome indeed.

Giving feels good, however small.

Enjoy the Boosted TEN:TEN with your teams!


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