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A Day in The Life of a Regional Support Manager – Emma Sillars

When asked to write a blog about what a day in the life of a Practice Plan Regional Support Manager is like I quickly realised that just talking about one day wouldn’t give a real insight into how varied my job can be. So, me being me, I thought that just as I do in my job, I’d go that little bit further for you and give you a rundown of my week!

The week started with a training session for some members of a practice who were new to Practice Plan. Making sure that the team are up-to-date with and armed with the knowledge they need of their new membership plan is going to be a key factor in their success going forward. Everyone told me that they found the training session hugely beneficial and I’m confident that this team will be able to answer all the questions that patients might ask with confidence.

I almost didn’t want to leave as we held the session in their gorgeous patient lounge, which as you can see, has been designed to look and feel like a real home away from home. Anyone would love to be a patient here!

Patient lounge
(I did try to work out how I could smuggle out the stripy chair without them noticing but gave up on the idea!)

Another day and another venue! With a review meeting booked with a practice in South Wales, rather than drive, I decided to let the train take the strain! It’s essential that I keep on top of the client paperwork and record-keeping that needs to be done as part of my job, so rather than lose vital time by sitting in the car I find it useful to turn the train into my office for a few hours. This means that I can arrive at my appointment without the niggling worry of out-standing work being on my mind and can focus fully on the client without any distractions.

It does mean grabbing a bite to eat on the train though…..

Not the healthiest of lunches, but I pretend it’s brain food!

During my travels, one of the questions I find I’m getting asked more and more about is the issue of ‘compliance’. I know that CQC inspections have caused many a lost night’s sleep for my customers. So, to help restore a peaceful sleeping pattern and peace of mind, we’ve put together a video to give you some more information on what to expect, packed full of hints and tips.

If you’ve not already seen it, please do ask your Regional Support Manager for the link as it really will set you on the right road in the run up to your visit from the CQC.

I thought I had better watch it too; so the cat and I settled down to learn more. As you can see, I don’t think the cat was that interested, but I certainly was!

CQC video


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