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Danielle Quigley, Events and Marketing Manager, Introduces This Year’s Practice Plan Workshop Tour

Every year, the challenge of finding the perfect host for our Workshop Tour gets harder.

Having had some of the best speakers in the industry headline our tours in the past, the bar gets raised every year and as we look ahead to the next tour, you can be left with the feeling of ‘how on earth can we top that?’.

That feeling is particularly prevalent this year following on from Joy Marsden’s knockout tour that had people shouting from the rooftops about how fantastic she was! However, I believe we have SMASHED our target and will be bringing what could possibly be the best Workshop Tour we have ever had…

I am pleased to announce that the highly engaging Laura Horton and Michael Bentley of Horton Consultancy will be presenting this year’s tour, bringing with them a unique grass-roots perspective and entertaining presenting style that will have you giggling the day away whilst taking on board endless advice that will see you whipping your practice into shape when you return!

The title of this year’s tour is ‘How to create your ULTIMATE dental practice, room by room’ and our hosts will help you do just that! Instead of feeling overwhelmed by a mass of general advice, Laura and Michael will give you an action plan for each room of your practice, so every member of your practice team can leave the day with actions they’re responsible for implementing, broken down into an easy-to-digest format.

I spoke with Laura and Michael to find out a little more about their preparations for the tour.

DQ: We are SO excited about having you both host our tour this year! How are you feeling about it?

LH: Honoured! We really are ecstatic about this year’s Workshop Tour. We both have a great deal of substance to offer, and we love to present together too which we feel really comes across when we’re on stage. We have an energy that passes on to our audience and results in a really great day for everyone involved.

MB: Practice Plan events always have a great buzz about them and doing not one but 12 events is awesome! I really can’t wait! We hosted the Treatment Coordination Live events last year and the feedback was amazing, so fingers crossed we will be able to top it!

DQ: How are your preparations for the tour coming along?

LH: Mike and I have been working on the tour from the start of the year. We have unique content and concepts to discuss with everyone which come straight from the grass roots of dental practices having ‘been there, done that’ – we really want practices to be armed with ideas to help them create their ultimate practice for 2016 (dare we say it!). We have many more dates blocked out of our diaries to keep on planning and developing the content to give practices the best Workshop Tour ever!

As Michael mentioned, we have 12 dates and locations for you to choose from! We will begin the tour on the 9th September in Bristol and will work our way around the country, stopping at ten other locations including Heathrow, Edinburgh, Manchester and Newcastle, to name but a few.

The tour is free for Practice Plan members with over five patients on plan to attend, and we are also throwing the doors open to non-members too, with tickets costing just £100. Places are being snapped up fast, so if you’d like to secure your ticket click here.

I hope to see you there!


Danielle Quigley

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