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Eight tips for leadership during uncertain times

Strong leadership is needed more than ever in these uncertain times created by COVID-19. If you have the role of a leader in your dental practice, your team will be looking to you for direction and support. To help you lead from the front during these unparalleled circumstances, we’re sharing eight top tips from leadership expert Jude Jennison…

Create the framework
  • Focus on what is known
  • Provide clarity and direction for your team and be honest when you don’t have the answers
  • Stay open to possibilities and opportunities, prepare for different potential outcomes and be flexible as new insights emerge.
Co-create the future
  • Encourage exploration, collaboration and experimentation
  • Be willing to slow down and explore the here and now
  • Let go of the past and create the future from the known and include all the voices in the system.
Listening and dialogue
  • Pay attention to what is unsaid, to the values and beliefs that underpin how people behave
  • Seek to understand the experience of others as it may differ from your own
  • Understand other perspectives and be willing to change your mind.
Connection and support
  • Reach out to those whose approach may differ and may challenge you and your thinking
  • Notice where people disconnect, give them space to do so when they hit overwhelm and help them re-engage
  • Ask for help when you need it.
Build trust
  • Trust that disconnection and resistance are part of the process in uncertainty
  • Find ways to help people feel safe to share their experience
  • Trust that everyone is doing their best and make space for differences of opinion.
 Stay with discomfort of uncertainty
  • Be willing to stay in heated discussions and help others stay engaged
  • Take time out when you need it but stay engaged with the team
  • Create space for people to disconnect to reduce their overwhelm
  • Encourage them to re-engage as soon as their stress reduces so they feel valued.
Be human
  • Recognise how your emotions impact your behaviour and that of others in your team
  • Look after yourself and take time out when you need to
  • Do whatever serves you and your team
  • Above all, be kind, always.
Lead from your heart and soul
  • Have the courage to step into the unknown wholeheartedly and with enthusiasm
  • Be willing to fail, recover and try again
  • Encourage others to do the same.

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