28 Mar 2014  •  Blog, Marketing and Design, Practice Management  •  5min read

Have you heard about the new Facebook for businesses?

This week, social media gurus ApexHub fill us in on the recent changes to Facebook for business pages and how users of business pages can benefit from them!

So, it may not be a brand-new Facebook but there have been some pretty big changes in the world of Facebook for businesses.

Last week, Facebook announced that it was launching a more streamlined look for Facebook business pages. But don’t fret, all the changes work in our favour!

Not only does it make life easier for page admins by allowing them to navigate their way to the tools they use the most, but it also gives the visitors to your page easy access to content they really want to see!

So, what do the changes look like? Well, let’s take a look…

A single right-hand column display for posts: Much like a personal profile, your timeline will now be presented in the right-hand column of your page. This keeps your posts in one, easy-to-view place rather than having to look left and right through all of the posts.


A left-hand column for business information: The left-hand column of your page will display your business information, i.e. how many page likes you have, your opening hours, a map, your phone number and website URL, and photos and videos.


Simplified admin tools: From wherever you are on your page you will be able to see important statistics and information about your page from the ‘this week’ section. This section shows you information including the number of running ads you have, how many unread notifications and messages you have, how many additional likes you’ve received and much more.

Plus, page managers can also access their ‘ads manager’ account via the ‘build audience’ menu located in the top right.


Pages to watch: Facebook is also launching its new ‘pages to watch’ feature. Admins can access this by going to the page insights tool. This feature allows you to formulate a list of other Facebook pages of your competitors and other like-minded businesses so that you can compare your business page performance with theirs.

When an admin clicks on the ‘overview’ tab of page insights, they will be able to view some key stats about the pages they have chosen to watch. From the ‘posts’ tab, an admin can also see the most engaging posts from their watched pages from the past week.

What could be more useful than being able to compare your own page’s success against your competitors? It makes you more determined to pay more attention to what content you’re posting and how engaging it is based on the successes of your own and your competitor’s posts.


Tabs update: You’ll notice that your tabs are no longer displayed beneath your cover picture. Instead they will only be accessible by going to the ‘more’ drop down option, making your tabs and the access to them a lot cleaner and much more streamlined.

Even though the update has changed the visibility of your tabs, you’ll still get plenty of traffic being directed to them as people will continue to be driven to your tabs through any organic posts you create and advertising you do.

Another bonus to the relocation of your tabs is that your content is pushed to the top of your page, therefore, it will be immediately seen by visitors!


As we mentioned earlier, the new changes really aren’t anything to worry about; in fact they can only improve how you build your page from here. As your page will appear a lot cleaner, your audience will find it much easier to navigate which means you’ll attract more engagement with your page visitors.

Not only that, if you’re a page admin you’ll find this update particularly helpful as it enables you to measure your page’s success week by week as opposed to obsessing over post-by-post reach.

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