15 Jun 2023  •  Blog, Finance  •  4min read

Is it time to explore the peninsula of infinite possibilities?

Area Manager, Gary Nelson, urges people to shun pessimism and embrace their inner optimist.

“The optimist lives on the peninsula of infinite possibilities; the pessimist is stranded on the island of perpetual indecision.” William Arthur Ward 1921-1994

It is genuinely so easy to think like a pessimist right now, or indeed to have become just a little bit pessimistic over the last few years. This is something that has happened at many intervals to many of the most positive people I know.

Manpower issues in healthcare, reported turbulence in the corporate dentistry market, cost of living crisis, energy bills, pension and investment markets, the list undoubtedly goes on. It has been hard, sometimes near impossible to plan and put down on paper a vision for your business in recent times, as the dental market has been in such turbulence.

In the words of the above quote – ‘Stranded on the island of perpetual indecision’, possibly explains it just about right.

But right now, I can honestly see a very exciting period emerging for independent healthcare and independent dental owners.

Let’s look at some facts in the dental sector:

  • The demand for independent dentistry has probably never been higher.
  • The Government doesn’t appear to be able to fix the NHS dentistry situation.
  • The demand for straighter whiter smiles is still booming, despite economic turbulence.
  • The demand for dental implants as an option for tooth loss is still growing.
  • The growth in all things digital dentistry is booming.
  • More patients than ever before are choosing dental plans to cover their dental care.
  • Dental finance and the ability to pay large bills monthly is in huge demand.

Ok, so it’s a turbulent employment market and it could be seen as a challenging time to own a business, but I honestly think a whole new market is about to emerge for an independently owned and independent dental practice.

Or in the words of William Arthur Ward – ‘The peninsula of infinite possibilities’ is ahead of us.

NHS healthcare looks to be approaching a genuine crossroads in pretty much all areas:

  • Waiting lists in multiple areas of healthcare.
  • GP’s handing back contracts across the country.

So, what if you looked at your dental practice as a small “independent hospital”, after all isn’t that what you are inspected as by your regulator? What could the future hold if you had some space in your building or some hours free?

  • Private GP’s working at your practice.
  • Private speech and language therapists working at your practice.
  • Mental health counsellors working at your practice.

Who knows what other (infinite) possibilities there are?

A passive income business not totally reliant on your dental skills? Your own healthcare facility. You already have the business acumen, the team, the knowledge of how to communicate healthcare messaging to patients, and you already deal with your regulator’s healthcare inspections, so you’re well used to them.

It all comes down to how you look at things.

Several years ago, I read ‘Unbroken’, the true story of Louis Zamperini, an Olympian and prisoner of war in World War 2. It was an inspirational read that had a passage that has stuck with me for years.

“People tell me “You’re such an Optimist”. Am I an Optimist?

An Optimist says the glass is half full. A Pessimist says the glass is half empty.

A Survivalist is practical, he says “Call it what you want, but just fill the glass”.

I believe in filling the glass.”

Why not start to have those conversations with GP’s and other healthcare professionals that you already treat? Ask the questions about the possibilities. It is, after all, a healthcare market that’s changing very rapidly.

Isn’t it time you ‘filled the glass” and perhaps focussed on infinite possibilities?

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