11 May 2017  •  Blog, Marketing and Design  •  3min read By  • Les Jones

Making your website more attractive!

Let’s face it, for most potential new patients, all roads lead to your website. If they’re looking for a new dentist, the most likely route is to do a Google search. And, if they’ve been referred by a friend or relative, most people would check you out via your website before making contact. So, without a doubt, your website is your most important marketing tool, outside of patient referrals. However, the problem with most dental websites is that they’re too much about the practice and not enough about the patient. Many are also filled with dental jargon that goes over the head of most patients.

Here are a few simple steps that you can take to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your website:

  1. Most prospective patients will search for a new dentist on the internet – make sure your website is standing out from the crowd and invest in search engine optimisation so that you appear on that all important first page of Google!
  2. Make sure that your key messages reflect the needs of your patients, e.g. ‘Would you like to boost your confidence with straighter, whiter teeth?’
  3. Speak the language of the receiver – in the first instance, patients are interested in the benefits of the treatments you can provide, not the technical terms or processes involved in their delivery.
  4. Less is more – too much copy or detail will turn prospective patients away – provide enough information for the patient to want to find out more. Remember, the job of your website is to stimulate the patient to get in touch.
  5. Make it easy for patients to get in touch – make sure the call to action on your website is clear and easy, and perhaps give your prospective patients the choice of how to make contact – telephone, email or online booking.
  6. Make sure your website is mobile friendly whereby it can automatically resize and rearrange content for all devices. Most patients are likely to search on their mobile phones, and will get frustrated if your website doesn’t adapt, resulting in them leaving within seconds.
  7. Add pictures of the team – when a patient is looking for a dentist, they often like to know who they will be visiting. Add pictures of the team, it all helps to bring the personality of the practice out, and shows them what a friendly, welcoming team you are.
  8. Make use of patient case studies. Your existing patients are a huge asset to your practice because they can provide case studies on how your dental care has transformed their lives – so make use of them on your website through patient testimonials. They’re a great way of showcasing the service you can provide to other patients. If you can get video testimonials form patients following treatment, all the better!

All of the points mentioned are easily achieved if you give yourself the right amount of time and resources to make them happen. If you do, you could see a dramatic increase in your new patient enquiries.


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