6 May 2019  •  Marketing and Design  •  2min read By  • Laura Manston

Creating the perfect membership toolkit

It’s really important to have up-to-date membership plan promotional literature on display in your practice. Without current membership literature, you could be losing a steady stream of new joiners as people are left confused by old or inconsistent information. Ultimately, this means you may also be losing out on the secure income that these patients bring in.

We understand how busy it can be on reception, juggling a dozen things at once.  And there’s nothing worse than being asked for more information and having to search around for all the relevant bits of information and paperwork. It also doesn’t give a great impression that this is something you routinely recommend to all your patients.

It’s worthwhile doing some preparation in advance and putting together all the relevant information regarding your practice membership into a single pack that you can have readily available should anyone request more information.

In the pack, include the following:

  • A cover letter outlining the benefits of becoming a member of the practice
  • An up-to-date plan leaflet showing all the options you offer, if this includes prices, ensure they are current
  • A current fee list, showing the savings the patient would make on treatments by becoming a plan member
  • A Scheme Handbook
  • Seal the deal with an agreement form for them to complete to sign up and a Practice Plan prepaid envelope so they can return the completed agreement if required.

You may also want to include a well-designed practice brochure detailing what additional services and treatments are available, or separate leaflets so that you can tailor to your patient’s needs.

Make up a few packs each evening ready for the next day and ensure they are presented neatly. Remember, it’s important that you have a clear process in place in terms of promoting the plan, i.e. who talks to the patient and when, and that all team members are on-board and know what the plan includes, what it costs and what the benefits are for the patients who join.

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