4 Dec 2017  •  Marketing and Design  •  3min read By  • Les Jones

Forget Christmas, let’s talk about Easter!

My youngest daughter, Molly, works as a graphic designer for Lush, the ethical, handmade cosmetics company. She helps design the company’s packaging and some of their marketing materials. Guess what she was designing in May of this year?

She was designing the packaging for Lush’s Christmas Gift Collection!

That’s a full seven months before the big day – now that’s what you call forward planning.

Ask most high street retailers and they will tell you that the big occasions through the year – Christmas, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s days, Valentine’s Day and the summer holiday and wedding seasons – account for a large proportion of their annual turnover.

This annual cycle is something that dental practices could easily tap into, with a little forethought and planning. The trouble is, most dental teams are too busy working at the coal face to take a step back and plan activities months in advance. Our Practice Marketing team quite often receive requests from practices to produce collateral for a Christmas promotion…at the beginning of December! This doesn’t leave long to have something designed, printed and delivered ready to run the promotion in time for Christmas.

Plan ahead

As we approach the new year, why not take some time to plan a calendar of campaigns and promotions for 2018? You have a market that is more primed to receive your messages positively and proactively than ever before. In the last ten years, dentistry has gone through quite a transformation in the eyes of consumers, who are now much more informed about what treatments are available and the benefits they deliver and also more tuned into specific brands within dentistry. What’s more, many practices now offer gift vouchers for cosmetic treatments – who would have thought?

So, who wouldn’t want whiter or straighter teeth for that romantic Valentine’s date, that forthcoming wedding or that summer holiday of a lifetime…and of course, as the song goes… ‘all I want for Christmas is…’ – well, there’s an opportunity to discuss implants!

In this age of digital printing – banners, posters and leaflets are, simple and cheap to produce and it’s easy for you to update your website or get your messages out through social media – so, the only thing that’s holding you back is finding a little space and time to think and plan ahead – but if you do, the rewards will come.



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