19 Dec 2016  •  Marketing and Design  •  3min read By  • Amy D’Arcy-Burt

How to attract new patients to your dental practice

Finding ways to attract new patients is a challenge facing many dental practices but have you ever thought about forming relationships with local businesses as a means of getting more appointments in the book? Here, Regional Support Manager, Amy D’Arcy-Burt shares some tried and tested methods you can implement to do just that!

1. Introduce your practice

A great first step to building awareness and forming relationships is introducing yourself to the businesses that you want to target. This can be as simple as you just popping in to say hello and leaving behind an information pack containing the essential details they need to know about your practice.

2. Exclusive offers

Promote a niche offer for customers and employees of the businesses you’re working with to create a real buzz about your practice, such as an exclusive discount on their first dental health check. Once you’ve enticed them in, make sure you then exceed their expectations by providing a first-rate service. Not only will these staff members become new patients but if they were happy with their experience, they’ll also go on to spread the word to their clients, friends and family. When offering discounts, always ensure you use a code to help you to monitor uptake and make sure that all offers are time bound.

3. Communications

Ask for opportunities to communicate with the employees or customers of local businesses. This could be as simple as placing an advert or an article in their newsletter, putting a poster on their staff notice board or sharing information on their intranet. It could also involve doing talks focused upon raising oral health awareness to the staff of these businesses or to local community groups. Not only does this raise awareness, it also promotes a positive image of your practice.

4. Drop in a practice magazine

Why not drop in a copy of your very own practice-branded magazine – it’s a really sleek way to further promote your practice. Practice Plan produce Smile! Magazine [include link] which is jam-packed with real-life stories from patients whose lives have literally been transformed by their dentist. Even better, you can have a custom-branded cover bespoke to your practice, so the magazine does the talking for you. Practice magazines are the perfect tool to engage, inform and inspire prospective patients so that they pick up the phone and make an appointment to see you!

5. Get social!

Find ways to work with other local businesses to get social together. Ask them to encourage their employees to like your page, comment on and share your content and offers, then do the same in return! Don’t forget to ask patients to leave a review as a means of encouraging others to come to your practice for treatment.

By implementing these methods, you can start to develop a targeted campaign to attract exactly the type of new patients you’re looking for to help your business to grow.


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