5 Jul 2019  •  Marketing and Design  •  2min read

How to create an effective newspaper advert

Newspaper adverts are one of the ways you can attract new patients. But for people to actually pick up the phone or visit the practice, your adverts need to be compelling enough.

The key to inspiring readers to take action is to ensure you get your offer right. There are a few things to consider when it comes to this.

Six ways to create the perfect advert

These include:

  • Keep the text clear and concise – less is more
  • Use language that appeals to your audience, keep it jargon-free
  • Narrow your advert down to one clear offer or focus upon one treatment/service
  • Use emotional triggers – concentrate on the benefit-driven results of the particular treatment to get readers thinking about how it could change their lives
  • Use appropriate imagery for what you are promoting– you need to think about the demographic that that particular treatment will attract and match your imagery
  • Include a clear call to action to get patients picking up the phone to call you, try incentivising them with a discount, free consultation, etc.
How to measure success

You will want to measure the success of your advert so that you know what does or doesn’t work, and can make any necessary changes next time.

To do this simply:

  • Make the offer in your advert time-based to create a sense of urgency, encouraging patients to get in touch
  • Include a code that they have to quote when booking
  • Ensure your whole team is aware of the tracking code and log it in a central place, a simple spreadsheet is an easy way to achieve this

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