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How To Market Your Dental Practice

Events and Marketing Coordinator Danielle Quigley explains why Practice Plan’s latest marketing events will have you bouncing back to your dental practice, bursting with new ideas.

September sees us host our latest set of events entitled ‘How to Market Your Dental Practice’, delivered by our very own Marketing Director and creative extraordinaire, Les Jones.

Having been fortunate enough to attend various marketing workshops that Les has presented over the last couple of years, I can guarantee you that delegates are in for a great day that will be informative and entertaining in equal measure! Les’ marketing tips are practical, achievable and are delivered in a way that will see your face ache from laughter.

To give you a better idea of how the workshop may benefit you, I thought it would be useful to hear from the workshop host himself…

DQ: Who should attend your workshops?
LJ: Anyone that’s involved with the marketing and communications for a dental practice…particularly practice owners and practice managers.

DQ: What can people expect from the day?
LJ: Having visited a significant number of dental practices over the last few years, I have developed an in-depth understanding of the issues commonly faced by practices when attempting to increase their marketing efforts. The workshops aim to address these issues and give delegates practical advice on ways in which they can move forward with their marketing – advice that has come about following successful implementation from other practices, for relatively little cost. I will also develop your understanding of the more strategic elements of marketing, including segmenting your customer base, implementing a measurement culture within your practice and understanding how you can refine your marketing strategy. The main thing I want delegates to understand is that the day will focus on practical advice that can be implemented immediately, not blue-sky theories that you’ll have to plan years in advance for.

DQ: What differentiates your marketing advice from the rest?
LJ: Simplicity. I’m not into complicated strategies that are difficult to implement and maintain. My advice is about doing the simple things differently and better than your competitors. Little cost, big returns – that’s my focus!

DQ: What are you looking forward to most about the tour?
Having the opportunity to explain the entire marketing journey to practices over the course of a full day. This will allow me to not only speak generally about marketing, but to drill down into the concerns faced by our practices attending and identify ways in which they can overcome these barriers.

DQ: Where and when are you presenting?
The workshops take place on:
10th September – Birmingham
12th September – Manchester
25th September – Cardiff
30th September – Southampton

We’re now only a couple of weeks from our first event, but places are still available, so if you’d like more information about the events, or would like to book your places you can visit the event page by clicking here or call me on 01691 684135

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