29 May 2020  •  Blog, Covid-19  •  3min read By  • Rachel Dilley

Our practice’s story – focusing on charity during COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Town Hall Dental practice in Brighouse is currently closed but our team are taking special measures to ensure the health of our patients and staff alike.

When it comes to our patients, we now have two dedicated coronavirus leads who can discuss any concerns that patients may have and who will be working from home to look after any dental needs, appointments and emergencies.

Furthermore, we have always been devoted to caring for those in our community who need it the most – we have our own charity, Town Hall Foundation and are trustees of a local charity called Focus4Hope, which helps the homeless and vulnerably housed in Yorkshire.

So, our team have been working with numerous groups and organisations to meet the needs of people in Calderdale and Kirklees who are the most vulnerable for some time.

Delivering food and care packages

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, our team has been actively engaging in charity work to help the local community, particularly the vulnerable, who have been strongly affected by the current lockdown.

The upstairs floor of the practice has been converted into a food distribution centre and we are handling a huge influx of donated food which can be sent out to those in need.

Due to their regular charity work with the isolated, and partnerships with numerous organisations who refer individuals to them, the team are producing care packages for those most impacted by the virus.

These deliveries, which include food and home essentials such as toilet paper and toiletries, are being made available for the elderly, disabled, vulnerable and most at risk of infection. Volunteers have also been collecting prescription medicine for those who cannot leave their homes.

In addition to services for the vulnerable, Focus4Hope are producing packages for NHS workers fighting the virus on the frontlines. These are being delivered to local hospitals and distributed to doctors and nurses who may not be able to access the supermarket during normal working hours or are being told to isolate outside of work.

Donating PPE

We have donated all our PPE to the local hospice and Covid-centred nursing homes

As a practice and advocate of corporate social responsibility (CSR), we are well-equipped and able to help our community at every opportunity, and our experience from helping groups such as the migrant refugees in Calais and other community groups is invaluable in situations such as this. We’re continuing to monitor the situation and provide aid wherever we can.

On an average week we provide 2,568 meals, deliver 15 prescriptions and refer 15 people to other organisations for additional help. During this unprecedented time our practice is now dedicated to support the fantastic work of Focus4hope, our local community and the welfare of our patients.

About Rachel

Rachel has been a dental nurse for 30 years and a practice manager for Twelve years. She is the Practice and Business Development Manager at Town Hall Dental in Brighouse. Rachel has won several awards including Practice Manger of the Year, Employee of the Year and was recently awarded ‘Most Invaluable Team Member’ at The Private Dentistry Awards 2019. Rachel has a passion for CSR and is a trustee of the local Community Foundation For Calderdale, representing the Voluntary Sector.

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