15 Oct 2014  •  Marketing and Design, Practice Management  •  1min read

Create Some Buzz Agents

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some top tips on various business topics from our consultants and colleagues in the industry. And who best to start with than our very own Les Jones!

Les suggests developing ‘Buzz Agents’ as a great way to stimulate referrals and support practice growth. But what are ‘buzz agents’? They’re the people who’ll help you spread the good word about your practice and the benefits you deliver.

Think about all of the businesses in your local area who also operate in the areas of health and beauty – the hair salon, the local health club, beauty spas, chiropractors, the wedding shop etc. (there are lots when you think about it). Why not create a local marketing co-operative? Display the leaflets of these associated businesses in your reception area in return for them doing the same in theirs. It’s free and it’s easy… so get buzzing!

PS. You could even think about producing a joint brochure that brings all of your products and services together in one place.

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