29 Mar 2022  •  Practice Management  •  3min read By  • Gary Nelson

Does confusion reign in the absence of a Plan?

Regional Sales Manager, Gary Nelson, explains how taking time to plan can help you regain some control in an uncertain world.

The past two years have seen our personal and business lives often under the control and guidance of COVID-19 restrictions and regulations

But you made it, you got there, you survived – albeit with bruises, scratches and scrapes from the journey and for anyone owning and operating a Dental Practice, I have the utmost admiration for you, caring for your team, and caring for the multitude of patients requiring treatment.

One of the things that has struck me the last few weeks has been that CONFUSION and INDECISION is still reigning in the dental industry and within many practices and it’s causing unsettled team members and frazzled business owners.

It could be said the last two years have been a bit like the scene from The Chuckle Brothers (for those of you old enough to remember)

“To Me…To You…No to Me…No to You”

As you went backwards and forwards on SOPS, PPE and just about every other acronym.

I honestly believe that the current Confusion and Indecision is down to two years where, let’s face it, we have all been in control of very little.

As is often the case for those that chose to run their own practice/business, you enjoy the control, you enjoy controlling the controllable, you enjoy forging a pathway to be different from the rest and leading a team of people and you enjoy the thrill of the chase.

But for two years your world has been that of Reactive Decision Making, and that has undoubtedly altered the thinking processes of many.

Could it be that Reactive Decision making has become habit forming for many who were previously Proactive Decision makers?

Taking your minds back to pre-Covid and 2019, I have no doubt you had a Business Plan which included a Staff Development Plan, a Marketing Plan, a Financial Plan and likely an Exit Plan. I know this is true because I witnessed these plans.

Is it time to STOP what you are doing and put some plans in place to help you and your teams know the direction of travel?

Back in 2019 a large percentage of practices had morning huddles, monthly meetings, quarterly or biannual social events.

Now, I know this isn’t an easy thing to achieve, and by that, I mean simply

“Stopping the Merry Go Round”

  • Taking time out to plan
  • Taking time out to think
  • Taking the time out to regain control of your business

Is it time you got back to Proactive Decision Making over Reactive Decision Making?

 I am fully aware that for some there are still aspects of reactive decisions that must be made each day, but if this continues for a long time then the lack of a forward plan and the ability to employ  Proactive Decision Making can be a real drain on your energy.

Control the Controllable by setting down some plans as we approach a new era of dentistry post pandemic.

Gain some extra energy by getting back to what you love best… Control.

 About Gary

Gary Nelson is an Area Manager with Practice Plan, the UK’s leading provider of practice-branded patient membership plans. Gary successfully ran his own business for ten years prior to joining the team at Practice Plan.

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