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Does your dental plan provider pass the test?

Like all things in life, it’s easy to ignore little niggles either in the hope that they’ll go away, or because the thought of change is too overwhelming. It might be a way of coping in your personal life but when it comes down to your practice, ignoring the niggles is never going to be good for business.

With this in mind, ask yourself whether your dental plan is really working for you or whether, like some of your patients, it’s overdue a check-up! To get you thinking and to provide a helping hand, we’ve pulled together the top five things you need to check to ensure your dental membership plan provider is performing at its full potential for you and your business.

How personal is the service?

How personal is your relationship with your plan provider? Maybe in the beginning you had lots of personal support and contact, but you’ve noticed that’s tailed off. Maybe it’s a case now that when you do speak to or meet with their representative, you often don’t know them and it seems to be a different person every time.

Does the service match your needs?

Are your team happy with the level of service they get from your plan provider or are they constantly having to chase them to make changes, correct mistakes or get the answers to their questions? Are your team engaged with them?

Does your dental plan provider support your business?

Is your dental plan provider just providing you with a monthly plan or do they provide other business support services? Are they actively helping you with your marketing, team training or any other business support you need?

Do they put you at the centre of everything they do?

If you’ve spent years building up your practice or if you’re a new owner, wouldn’t you like things to be more about you and your team? Having a practice-branded membership plan can make patients more loyal to you and your brand.

Do they provide value for money?

Of course not everything’s about money but making the right choices about where the money from your business goes is vital. Do you look at the bottom line of what your dental plan provider charges you and wonder if you could get the same cover for patients and more support for you for the same or less?

With these things in mind, if you feel that your plan provider isn’t providing you with a service which is helping you and your business to reach its full potential, then perhaps it’s time to consider a change. If you’d like to have a one-to-one informal chat with a member of our team, why not give us a call on 01691 684165 or contact via email at businesssupport@practiceplan.co.uk 



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