7 Sep 2018  •  Practice Management, HR & Employment Law  •  3min read By  • Janet Edwards

Five steps you should take with new starters

Janet Edwards, HR Manager at Practice Plan explains the right processes to have in place when it comes to integrating a new team member.

Even the most self-confident of people may experience some form of anxiety during their first few weeks at work. First impressions count and a planned induction programme is the most effective way to help someone settle in and adjust to their new environment, whilst providing a warm welcome to your practice. It will also give you a chance to identify any training needs to support your new member and give them a sense of belonging.

With this in mind, here are a few key things to ensure you cover in your practice induction.

  1. Before they arrive

Send your new employee a small pack of information to give them a basic understanding of the business before they start. This can go with the letter offering them the job, including the main details of their contract, for example, job title, hours and pay – this will eliminate any misunderstandings before they start.

  1. Plan their induction

An induction doesn’t have to happen all on the first day. In fact, depending on their role, elements of it could take weeks or even months to cover. An induction should mark the start of ongoing development and will vary depending on the role, but as a whole, should cover the following areas:

  • General training – practice mission, values and structure
  • Mandatory training – health and safety, environment and other essential policies and procedures
  • Job training – specific to the role they will fulfil.
  1. Make new starters feel welcome

Make sure that your new member of staff is met with a warm welcome and shown around the practice. Support them to find their feet and get familiar with their work environment and introduce them to colleagues and managers. Deal with important documents, but don’t overwhelm them. If possible, pick a member of staff as their mentor or buddy to help answer any questions they may have after their first day.

  1. The next few days/weeks

The focus should be to help the new employee gain a reasonable grasp of the practice as well as their role. As well as introducing their tasks, and providing specific and practical training, it helps to cover the following key areas:

  • The practice team
  • The practice building and surroundings
  • The main responsibilities and tasks of the role
  • The terms and conditions of employment
  • Health and safety

Following these simple processes should ensure that your new employee settles in quickly and starts contributing to the success of your practice.

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