11 Apr 2014  •  Marketing and Design, Practice Management  •  4min read By  • Amy D’Arcy-Burt

Full English Please!

Enjoying time together with breakfast or lunch and offering practice managers the opportunity to discuss an array of business issues, everyday challenges, marketing initiatives, plus lots more, Amy D’Arcy-Burt, Regional Support Manager at Practice Plan, discusses why people attend her breakfast and lunch clubs.


I’d once had a comment from a practice manager saying that whenever they’d attended events aimed at practice managers they very much felt talked at, discussing ‘the same old’.

To tackle this I set up breakfast and lunch clubs in my area to give practice managers an opportunity to meet with others, helping to create a network of support and a forum for sharing ideas so people felt more involved with their development and learning.

I started to facilitate discussions and record all the useful nuggets so that I could send them on to attendees after the meeting (giving them plenty of learning outcomes and action points to follow up on!) What’s more, some of the sessions have even seen guest speakers, including the likes of dental business consultant Sheila Scott, Toothpick CEO Sandeep Senghera, and Dental Directory Business Consultant Wayne Greyling, who have all shared some of their most treasured tips and advice.


For example, Sheila discussed the results from her patient surveys, revealing the top factors which are important to patients when looking for a dentist.  These results even took me by surprise, as they didn’t marry up with the group’s assumptions; making us all consider how we could improve how we communicate as a practice, from a marketing prospective as well as internal processes.

I also talk about some of my experiences out in the field. For instance, a recent practice survey revealed that as well as providing a programme of health to patients, members of a patient membership plan attend their dental check-ups more regularly, encouraging a healthy appointment book and bringing more income to the dentist and practice.

What makes these clubs unique is the environment – it’s more social. We eat and drink together and really let the barriers down to open discussion and sometimes debate!  It essentially allows the time that most practice managers quite often don’t get in practice to actually sit, reflect, and plan.


This is why people enjoy coming to the clubs. We’ve had some great speakers to date with some quality thoughts to take back to the practice, consider and look to make change for the future. Plus, it’s been a real pleasure watching the clubs evolve, alongside the relationships of those attending.  We’ve all connected, enjoy one another’s company and gain valuable gems for the practice.

I’m running these clubs in the Central South and West London area throughout 2014 and they’re open to everyone! So, if it sounds like your cup of tea (or breakfast!) why not come and join us, we’re a friendly bunch! Just drop me a line on 07757 111491.

If you’re not close enough to attend my clubs, why not think about setting one up yourself? Get together with a few other practice managers and dentists for a relaxed and informal gathering – who knows what ideas you’ll generate?

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