9 Feb 2015  •  Marketing and Design, Practice Management  •  1min read

Measure All Aspects of The Business

‘Measure all aspects of the business, not just the bits that you find interesting!’ That’s today’s top tip from Practice Plan’s Sales Director Nigel Jones. Here, he explains why.

In my line of business, I tend to naturally gravitate towards sales and marketing measures. However, what could seem like a marketing issue, such as insufficient new patients, could actually turn out to be an operational issue. But why?

Take for example waiting times for appointments. Sometimes patients can be waiting that long that they are being put off resulting in them not recommending you to others.

Similarly, you can be very effective at driving up demand for cosmetic treatment, but if in February and March, you have to cancel all private appointments to focus on the achievement of your UDA targets and the avoidance of a clawback, that effort can be partially wasted through paying insufficient attention to the right things.

That’s why you need to take a look into every aspect of measurement, as it may not be the problem you initially thought it was that’s causing the problem.

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