21 Jul 2017  •  Practice Management, HR & Employment Law  •  3min read By  • Sarah Whittall

Sheila Scott and Chris Barrow give us a glimpse of what to expect on this year’s Workshop Tour

Sarah Whittall, Events and Marketing Coordinator, catches up with dental business experts, Sheila Scott and Chris Barrow, ahead of this year’s Workshop Tour to find out what they have in store for you…

 Sheila and Chris are currently busy prepping for the start of this year’s eagerly anticipated tour and with heaps of experience between them, I caught up with our hosts to find out more:

Sarah Whittall (SW): You’re teaming up for the first time at this year’s Workshop Tour, what do you think you’ll bring to the day?

Chris Barrow (CB): Between us we’ve got over 40 years’ experience of working within the dental world, that’s a lot of time listening and helping dental practices. Although our styles are very unique and different, we both agree on the same fundamentals (thankfully!) so we’ll both be bringing our own experiences to the table.

Sheila Scott (SS): We’re both very clear about how to help practices do things better. With a mix of Chris’s innovation and energy and my passion for the power of the team, we’ll be sharing some new ideas to help practices find their own solutions!

SW: ‘Top Hats, Toast and Moments of Truth’ is an intriguing name, what’s it all about?

CB: In a nutshell it’s all about people! Looking at practice and team development and helping practices to come together to implement new ideas and solutions. We’ll approach things from a new direction to give practices the confidence to look at what they’re currently doing differently and look for the new ideas and opportunities so that they can deliver an exceptional experience for their patients.

SW: Sheila, you’ll be discussing problem-solving as part of the day, what would you say is your top tip for practices when it comes to this?

SS: Easy! Involve the whole team! It’s no secret that teams that are engaged and involved are happier and more successful and much better at implementing and fine-tuning ideas. For me, involvement equals a cohesive team.

SW: So, in anticipation of the start of the tour, what can practices expect to take-away from the day?

SS: Their own understanding of their potential! Looking at what they have within the team and how they can unveil hidden talents and ideas and how they can use them to develop the practice.

CB: Exactly! And from a practical point of view, a clear grasp of the key things they need to ensure are in place and how they can develop these and implement change where needed to improve patient loyalty.

The Workshop Tour starts in September and takes in 13 dates and 12 locations up and down the country before finishing in February 2018. These events are exclusive for Practice Plan and Medenta members, you can find out more information here.

If you’d like to see Chris and Sheila in action together, now is your chance to secure your place. I hope to see you there!



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