9 Mar 2015  •  Practice Management  •  1min read By  • Richard Collard

Talk in HD

‘Talk in HD’ – that’s today’s Top Tip from selling coach and Medenta Director, Richard Collard.

But what exactly does that mean? Well, just like a HD television, when talking in HD the experience is richer and clearer.

So, for instance, when a prospective new client calls to enquire about booking for an initial visit, by clearly defining the new patient consultation in terms of how long it is, what’s included, how much it costs and what the benefits will be, it builds value in the mind of the patient.

Having a HD conversation with a potential client is very powerful if they’re shopping around because they’ll have a benchmark by which they can measure other practices – and the chances are, they’ll only be talking in standard definition (SD) – and, who would choose SD over HD?

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