25 Oct 2014  •  Practice Management  •  1min read By  • Ashley Latter

What’s Important When Patients Buy From You?

This week our ‘top tip’ comes from a man who knows all there is to know about selling – Ashley Latter.

Before we get started, take a couple of minutes to think about what the most important factor is to your patients when they consider buying from you…

Ashley says… “Many dentists think that price is the biggest consideration for patients when they’re buying treatments but, more often than not, the person who normally has the biggest problem with the price is you, the dentist.”

“Your patients are actually looking to buy the solution to their problem. So, by taking the time to listen to what your patient’s desired outcome is, you should be able to offer them their ideal scenario. Once you’ve been able to offer them what they want, they’re more likely to want to find the money to pay for it.”

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