8 Nov 2013  •  Marketing and Design, Practice Management  •  4min read

When 2 Become 1 – We’re Having a Spice Girls Moment!

It’s an exciting time in the Practice Plan Design and Marketing Team at the moment (isn’t it always?).

Not only have we just launched our fantastic new website – the result of many months of hard work, development, design, writing, programming and, it has to be said… the odd tear or two – but more of that later. But we are also proud to introduce to the world our brand new, rather sexy, consolidated branding!

‘WHAT’S ALL THAT ABOUT?’, I hear you cry.

Well, you may remember about two years ago, we introduced ‘Business of Dentistry’ (or BoD for short) as a sub-brand to Practice Plan. The thinking behind this move was essentially to help us to make our growing range of business-support services available to a wider number of dental practices, particularly those who weren’t with us on the plan side.

BoD quickly established itself as a recognised brand within the industry and has been hugely successful in helping us to get our message out to many more people within the industry.

However, despite our initial intention to run Practice Plan and BoD as parallel brands, they are like two orbiting stars – inextricably linked, sharing the same space and drawn together by a powerful gravitational pull. (Nice analogy!)

And so, we thought, why try and fight what nature clearly intends? As such, we  made the (fairly easy) decision to combine these two irresistible forces into one clear and simple brand that everyone within the industry will be able to instantly recognise and access.

And so it is, with great pleasure, that we introduce to the world our new Practice Plan branding. Lovingly crafted and featuring the best of both worlds – Practice Plan is who we are, the Business of Dentistry is what we do!

Which neatly brings us back to our new website.

Our new website is perhaps the most visible and immediate manifestation of, not only what our new branding looks like, but also what it stands for.

Everything we do at Practice Plan is driven by a genuine desire to help dental practices become more profitable and sustainable. Our new website brings together everything we have to offer to help you achieve this in a vibrant, content-rich, easily accessible space that we feel confident you’re going to return to time and time again.

Of course, you’ll find everything you need to know about our patient membership plans and, if you’re an existing plan client, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to access all your patient data, securely and confidentially, via the site’s log-in portal. But there’s so much more to explore!

We have a resource library packed to the rafters with inspirational articles to get you thinking differently about your business. We have a growing range of innovative services (including Medenta Patient Finance) each designed to provide a cost-effective solution to key business issues. And we have a design that helps you to access all the business support you need via a menu system that breaks things down into four key performance areas:

–        How to attract and retain patients

–        How to increase treatment uptake

–        How to manage your practice more effectively

–        How to save time and money.

So, as I said at the beginning – exciting times, but hopefully not just for us, for you and your team as well.

You can check out the new branding and explore the website by going to www.practiceplan.co.uk


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