Watch this on-demand webinar with Zoe Close, Richard Ollive and Chris Groombridge as they offer advice to those considering a life in practice less reliant on an NHS contract.

About the webinar:

In this lively discussion, Practice Plan’s Head of Sales, Zoe Close, caught up with Wesleyan dental financial expert, Richard Ollive, and Joint Managing Director of 543 Dental Centre in Hull, Chris Groombridge, to deliver an engaging webinar on how to reduce your reliance on your NHS contract through the introduction of private dentistry and how this doesn’t necessarily mean all or nothing in terms of giving back your entire contract.

You may be one of many dental professionals considering a full or partial move from NHS to Private Dentistry, but the thought of handing back all or part of your contract is understandably a daunting prospect.

This webinar explored some of the most common questions we hear from people as they embark on their journey towards private practice and talks about the options available to those considering this move. We answered many questions, including:

  • I’m not sure I’m ready to give back my entire contract – is there a way around this?
  • Will the Integrated Care Board make things difficult for me?
  • I’m wrestling with my conscience and the guilt of not working in the NHS – do you have any advice?
  • Is there a way to still treat those most in need?
  • I’m worried about the income gap whilst I convert from NHS to Private dentistry – is this worry unfounded?
  • What will happen to my NHS pension and basket of benefits if I leave the NHS and is there a way to replace these?

Zoe, Richard and Chris explored each of these points in detail, offering lived through advice to those considering a life in practice less reliant on an NHS contract.

Please note, this webinar was recorded live on Tuesday 5th March 2024.

About the speakers:

Zoe Close, Head of Sales, Practice Plan

Zoe is the Head of Sales at Practice Plan and has over 30 years’ experience in the dental sector including working as a group business manager for a corporate group, a dental nurse, a head receptionist, and a practice manager.

Zoe is passionate about supporting practices and can offer invaluable advice on how to strategically and successfully run your business.

Richard Ollive, Specialist Financial Advisor, Wesleyan Financial Services

Richard has worked in the
Financial Services industry for over 30 years and has been providing specialist holistic financial advice to individuals and firms in the legal and dental sectors at Wesleyan for the last 8 years.

Richard prides himself in building a “lifetime” plan with his clients to help them achieve their goals with regards property; savings objectives; retirement provision and inheritance planning, including protecting the risks to these plans. Richard also works with dental firms to ensure that future profits and ownership are protected should a key employee or owner die or become seriously ill, and how to improve employee retention through their benefits packages.

Chris Groombridge, Joint Managing Director, 543 Dental Centre

Chris worked in the City & Financial printing from 1993 to 2004, spending a predominant amount of his time working in Europe.

Since 2004 Chris has been the MD of 543 Dental Centre, is the Chair of charity Teeth Team, sits on the Local Dental Network for North Yorkshire & Humber, Secretary of his Local Dental Committee (LDC) and is deeply involved in the LDC’s for Yorkshire and the Northeast of England.

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On-demand Webinar Recorded 05/03/24