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A discussion on hygiene services and referral fees

In today’s episode of Bodcast, host Zoe Close, Area Sales Manager at Practice Plan catches up with Business Consultant Sheila Scott to discuss hygienist services within the dental practice. Don’t miss Sheila’s advice on what actions need to be taken to ensure your hygiene books are kept full, without the risk of complaints.

What you’ll hear today:
  • Sheila explains the four reasons why she believes that dental practices should focus upon hygiene services
  • How standard 1.7.6 in ‘Standards for the Dental Team’, issued in September 2013, impacts upon the way in which hygiene referral fees are paid
  • Sheila’s expert advice on an alternative to paying associates a referral fee which is directly linked to individual patients.
Sheila-ScottAbout Sheila Scott

Sheila is no plain business consultant – she’s got over 20 years’ experience being a coach to dentists and their teams, not to mention the whole host of qualifications she’s got under her belt, namely: psychology, marketing, counselling and training, more recently expanding on the list by completing a mediation course!

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