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Benefits of PAPR Hoods versus FFP3 Masks

Aemelia Wright talks to Hani Mostafa, Principal Dentist at Gallery Dental about current PPE being used in his practice.

Rather than FFP3 masks Hani currently uses PAPR hoods and details the differences he has encountered from installation to usage with the team.

What you’ll hear today:
  • What exactly is a PAPR hood
  • What are the main benefits to clinicians and the business
  • How have PAPR hoods been welcomed by the team
  • How does the filtration system work in a medical environment
  • What do levels of PPE worn within a dental environment look like going forward.
Who should listen:
  • All dental professionals.

*Recorded on 4th September 2020

About Hani:

Hani graduated has BDS, MDCH after graduating from Royal London Hospital. Specialise in cosmetic and orthodontic cases.

In Hani’s free time he enjoys going to the gym to keep in good health. He also has an interest in cars and enjoys the art of Kung Fu.
Hani commented: “I have been running the practice alongside my wife for ten years now. I’m a conscientious dentist who has a passion for innovative practice. I believe in treating people as a person rather than a patient with thoughtfulness and elegant care. I love the relationship I have with my patients and am enthusiastic towards the range of dentistry I am able to fulfil in the practice.”

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