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Discussing the views of young dentists

Zahid chats to Nigel Jones about the way young dentists view dentistry. They discuss the ongoing changes within the profession and what they think the future might hold for the newest generation of dentists.

What you’ll hear:
  • The key challenges facing young dentists
  • How being a young dentist now differs from previous generations
  • The impact of technology and social media on both patients and dentists today
  • How well university prepares graduates for practical dentistry

Who should listen:
  • Dental students and newly qualified dentists interested in peer views
  • Dental professionals who would like a better understanding of their younger peers
About Zahid Siddique:

Zahid graduated from King’s College London in 2014 and is currently an associate dentist in London.

Passionate about training and education he also co-wrote The Dental Foundation Interview Guide and is co-founder of Dental Training Consultants, an organisation that runs course designed specifically for dental graduates and young dentists.



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