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Effective financial management

Ian Eslick talks to Edd Jones of C&E Consult about the financial impact COVID-19 on dental practices.

Edd shares his thoughts on how this has changed the ways of working and what positive changes can be made for the future.

What you’ll hear today:
  • How has the COVID-19 scenario affected Dental Practice finances generally
  • Is the approach to financial management & analysis more of a focus for practice owners now
  • What can Practice owners do differently going forwards, to help them become more sustainable and financially successful.
Who should listen:
  • Practice Owners and Managers.

*Recorded on 9th September 2020

About Edd:

Edd is from farming stock in Devon and loves nothing better than being out on the farm with his family. When he’s not chasing sheep around, Edd runs various businesses in multiple industries, but devotes the majority of his time to helping dental practice owners grow their businesses and plan for success. He has a wealth of business management and operational management experience, spanning from bidding for, winning and managing multi-million-pound contracts, through to managing small dental practices, such as his business partners in Plymouth.

About Ian:

Ian Eslick is a Regional Support Manager at Practice Plan Group, the UK’s leading provider of practice-branded patient membership plans. He has been with the Practice Plan Group for 20 years and has 24 plus years’ experience in dentistry including five years in practice. Through this regular column, he offers YOU the chance to ask any questions you may have about dentistry and running a practice today. Simply email hello@practiceplan.co.uk with your question alongside your job title and location, and let us do the rest!

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