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Explaining the basics of marketing metrics

Digital marketing expert Myke Woollett explains the basics of marketing metrics for a typical dental practice. He discusses the reasons why you should think about marketing metrics and shares easy to implement advice about where to start.

What you’ll hear:
  • The relevance of marketing metrics in your Practice
  • How buyer behaviour impacts on your bottom-line growth
  • Advice about the best way to manage enquiries

Who should listen:
  • Business owners who want to increase bottom line growth
  • Practice managers who would like to convert more enquiries
  • Anyone who would like a better understanding of buyer behaviour
About Myke Woollett:

Myke’s extensive knowledge of branding, CRM and digital marketing has been built into 3 companies over the last 25 years; Foundation – a full-service marketing agency, Koodooweb – a web and digital agency and WeKnow | Dental – a specialist dental marketing business.

His dental experience is extensive having worked in a variety of agency and consultant roles with many dental Practices and also with Software of Excellence, Integrated Dental Holdings (myDentist), The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) and Practice Plan.

WeKnow | Dental works with a growing number of NHS, private and specialist orthodontic dental Practices as well as many key dental suppliers both in the UK and Worldwide.  In just 2 years since launch, WeKnow | Dental has worked with over 300 customers delivering a range of marketing services from websites to referral generation campaigns. In 2018, WeKnow | Dental will be launching a new marketing software Protocus® to help Practices convert more enquiries into profitable patients.

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