9 Jul 2019  •  Podcasts  •  3min read

Five ways in which digital intraoral scanning has changed the way we run our practice

Marcos White shares the ways in which investing in an intraoral scanner has transformed his business. He talks about the positive affect on his team and the difference it’s made to the patients. He also touches on how he thinks intraoral scanning will impact dentistry in the future.

What you’ll hear:
  • The impact on the dental team and their skills
  • How the consultation process, record keeping and how the way consent is gained has changed
  • How it has improved the patient experience.
Who should listen:
  • Practice owners who want to improve the way their practice runs             
  • Dentists considering using more digital technology
  • Practice managers interested in the effect a scanner has on a practice.
About Marcos:

Morcos White

He is an international speaker for Invisalign and Itero and is recognised as one of the UK’s most prominent opinion leaders for digital dentistry and intraoral scanning.

Marcos has built his own on-site digital lab that produces every dental and implant restoration needed for his thriving practice and some key national customers. He also holds a course once a month at his practice to demonstrate what is possible with digital across every facet of practice life.

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