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How can public perception of NHS dentistry be improved?

The results of the fourth NHS Confidence Monitor revealed that one way in which dental professionals believe that confidence can be increased is through improvements to the public’s perception of NHS dentistry. Listen to this Bodcast as Tony Kilcyone shares his views on the public’s current understanding of NHS dentistry and the measures he feels are needed to increase this, with host Nigel Jones. 

What you’ll hear today:
  • Tony’s views on the public’s current understanding of NHS dentistry
  • How Tony believes dentists are able to balance the requirements of the contract whilst ensuring patients are fully aware of all the options available to them
  • A consideration of the public’s perception of what the capability of dentistry is in the twenty-first century
  • An insight into the measures Tony feels are needed to improve public perception.
About Tony Kilcoyne

Tony KilcoyneDr. Tony Kilcoyne works mainly in his own Specialist referral practice and Teaching Centre. His vast knowledge and experiences are now utilised by mainsteam Media with programmes for ITV, C4 and the BBC and he is currently best known as the ‘resident dentist’ for the popular BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show.


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