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How to get started on social media

In this episode of Bodcast, host, Branding and Communications Coordinator, Becky Hargreaves is joined by Wesleyan’s Social Media Manager, Richard Eccleston. Together, they explore how you can adopt social media as a marketing tool in your dental practice, providing you with practical hints and tips that you can take away and implement.

What you’ll hear today:
  • Richard’s advice on the recommended social media channels to use
  • Tips on how to create a Business page on Facebook
  • Ideas for content for your regular posts
  • How to create sponsored posts on a Facebook Business page
  • Advice on scheduling content and getting the team on board.
About Richard Eccleston

Richard EcclestonRichard became Wesleyan’s Social Media Manager in 2015 having been actively building audiences on social media for more than 8 years previously.

Richard joined Wesleyan from West Midlands Police, where he set up and ran their social media strategy as Social Media Champion. This work included a number of innovative firsts, including several 24-hour tweetathons, as well the world’s first police Snapchat channel and an award-winning ‘Photo of the Day’ project.

Since arriving at Wesleyan, Richard has worked hard to build the Society’s social media following, with numbers tripling in just 18 months. He has also integrated social media into a number of Society-wide campaigns to generate further leads, sales and appointments. This work was recognised at the Financial Services Forum Awards in 2016.

Richard is the reigning Wesleyan Retro Gaming Champion – a prize he aims to keep a hold of until the end of days.

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