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How to increase treatment plan uptake

Today’s unmissable episode of Bodcast is hosted by Sales and Marketing Director, Nigel Jones. In this episode, Nigel is joined by Richard Collard and together they share their expert advice and guidance on ways in which dental practices can increase their treatment plan uptake.

What you’ll hear today:
  • Nigel explains why he believes there will be significant growth in the cosmetic treatment market in the next few years
  • Richard and Nigel’s advice on how practices can maximise their share of the increase in market, as well as maximising their chances of benefiting their patients
  • Creating the right environment for patients from the very first contact with your dental practice to ensure they feel sufficiently calm and relaxed
  • The importance of having a good conversation with patients and presenting the solutions.
Richard CollardAbout Richard Collard

Richard Collard is a business graduate and CTI trained coactive coach with an entire business career spent in dentistry firstly with KaVo and then running his own consultancy and coaching business.

Although he has wide-ranging business experience, Richard is a sales specialist. He has been a salesman, sales manager, sales director, sales trainer and sales coach…in fact, it’s fair to say that selling is in his blood!

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